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How to get thin more simple

Unnecessary weight is a liability, it not only makes a person look unassuming but also is a serious health hazard. Heavy body build, bear bellies and heavy hips are nothing but a baggage which should be got rid of as soon as possible, otherwise it invites a number of diseases. Foregoi
ng in view most of the personnel remain worried about their weight and want guidelines on the steps/measures to shed unnecessary weight. Following are few measures which can help you to shed the weight and enjoy a pleasant and ailment free life.
Regular Exercise 
There is no substitute for morning and evening exercise. Half an hour exercise in the morning and evening can keep u slim, agile, attractive and will also not let harmful fat accumulate in your body. Following also contribute towards shedding weight:
· Parking your car far away from the office / market and then walk to your destination.
· Taking the stairs to upper floors instead of using elevator.
· Riding a bicycle to your work place and in the process not only conserving upon fuel but also contributing towards your health.
Increase Walk Time:
Walk is a very useful tool to reduce weight. 45 minutes’ walk in a day contributes a lot in controlling the weight. It has been observed that a walk exceeding 30 minutes results in weight loss.
Watch Diet:
You must be very careful about your food, avoid junk food and the food which is rich in starch and carbohydrates. Starch and carbohydrates are mostly found in rice/ wheat etc. Therefore effort should be made to reduce intake of such foods.
Eat Slowly:
It has been noticed that the slow eating personnel don’t gather much weight. Therefore you should not only eat slowly but also give breaks between eating, so that your mind gives the signals that you do not need to eat more.

Avoid Munching
Many people resort to munching in between the meals; thus unwittingly they increase the intake of calories. It is always recommended that such munching should be avoided and you must resort to regular timely meals.
Don’t Eat Late:
Generally we exhibit a tendency to take dinner late at night. This tendency should be forcefully curbed as it results into weight increase.
Substituting Water as a Drink:
The regular and excessive use has two fold advantages. The use of water in abundance not only keeps your skin fresh but also helps to control weight as it has no sugar or other fattening contents added to it, which are an essential ingredient of soda and juice.
Sleep Well:
You must know sleep requirement of the body and sleep accordingly because sleep deficiency affects your ability to lose fat. Taking sufficient sleep also keeps energy stored in the body and makes you less likely to indulge in over eating.
Weightloss Partner:
It will be more fruitful to start weight loss exercise in association with a partner. The presence of a partner will not let element of boredom creep in, and you both shall not only keep motivating each other but will also try to beat each other in weight loss; thereby achieve quick results.
It is a means available for targeted fat reduction from one or two areas of the body. It is a surgical operation, therefore has its side effects too and should only be undertaken on a perfectly healthy body.

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