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Got Questions? Short Answers for Lazy People!

Q: If I choose TRENDY DIETS, can I cling to 5:2 Little Black Dress Diet and Eat Stop Eat at the same time (the mixture of both)?
A: Nope. Although both are intermittent fasting methods, but have completely different diet plans and calorie burning mechanism. Eat Stop Eat follows 2x24/week fasting method. 5:2 Little Black Dress Diet is a 4 week plan where 500 calories are allowed to consume for the first two days and for the rest of the week - bank on normal diet. If you try to mix any two diet plans, you will fail to get satisfactory results and affect your health.
Q: I find it very difficult to remember the meal plans. Is there a way?
A: Of course. The compact and colorful charts in every chapter present systematic representation of the plans. You can take print outs and stick them to the wall for quick
Q: The easier the diet plan the slower the results are. Is it true?
A: Not true. Not many people can stick to the harsh diet plans for long. On the other hand, easy diets help the dieters to stick to it for a longer period of time. For example; Cheaters Diet allows one to cheat in weekends (controlled cheating). This makes him/her more committed to the weekday plan.
Q: Without exercises can I really burn fat?
A: The purpose of exercise is to make your body fit. When you eat less you will shed off extra kilos. As a result, you will automatically be more active in your day to day works, feel energetic and stay focused. So, there is no hard and fast rule like – exercise is a must!
Q: Suppose I completed two phases of warrior diet, but couldn’t continue for a week. What shall I do?
A: It is suggested not to stop the plan, but adjust over eating and under eating cycle according to your convenience. In case you give a break for a week or more than that, you should start with the plan from the beginning.
Q: If I do not eat or under eat, I will become weak. I read it here that the body burns its own fat for energy. How is that possible?
A: When you limit carbohydrate intake, you body reach the level of ketosis. In this level ketones (little carbon fragment) supply energy to your body by breaking down fat stores. So, gradually by low card intake, your body becomes fat-burning machine.
Q: There are no thumb rules for food swapping. But how will I know what food to be substituted with what?
A: Have a look upon the easy food swapping formulas and equations. Just like you solve mathematics with formulas, similarly your food swapping confusions can also be solved with these fundamental formulas.
Q: Can men bank on these plans to shed weight?
A: Sure. There is a myth that men shed off weight faster than women. But, the problem lies in food choices. Men love meats and women hug to carbohydrates. And fat is the preferred fuel for metabolism. So, when men start with any of the weight loss plans they get better results. Here, you will find weight loss tricks that works equally for both the sexes.
Q: How fast and effective are the results?
A: If you are allured by slim-trim celebs, remember they are clinging to one of these many weight loss plans. Even if they undergo surgeries, they follow skinny diets to keep the operated result in shape.
Q: How long do I have to wait for everything if I want to start with Lazy Thin Formula?
A: Download it right away and bang on to the weight-loss formulas. No waiting. No shipping cost and delay. No printing pester and No headaches!
You are not forced to cling to a single diet or fat loss exercises unlike other books. If Jenifer Aniston is a fan of ‘5:2 Little Black Dress Diet’, not necessarily the diet will rock you. Does that mean you are out of the game? No way. You are a strong player until you try out all the fast weight loss tips present in this book. Choose what fits best for you.

You will not be bored with long chapters filled with text and only text. Instead… the book promises something more quick and compact. It’s an amalgamation of quick formulas, unusual tricks and modified facts, delightfully slimmed down with graphics and charts.

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